Q: How much does it cost to get new kitchen cupboards installed?

A: Getting new kitchen cupboards installed can range anywhere from R10 000 and upwards. This is dependent on the design and style and make of the kitchen cupboards that you choose.

Q: Can you get free standing kitchen cabinets?

A: Yes for all kitchen cupboard company’s supply free standing kitchen cabinets. However they are not as popular as built in cupboards which are more solid and of better quality.

Q: If you import kitchen cupboards does the kitchen company cover the import costs?

A: Are the imports costs are included in the price of the kitchen cupboards.  Import pricing differs as to where the kitchen cupboards are being imported from as each country has different pricing when it comes to importing goods.

Q: Can we choose any colour kitchen cupboards or do they come in standard colours only?

A: You can get kitchen cupboards in any colour you request.  They come in all colours and designs.  However when choosing a colour the manufacturer will need to make the kitchen cupboards in the colour you want with will lengthen the time of production on the kitchen cupboards.

Q: What wood are kitchen cupboards made of?

A: Kitchen cupboards are made of solid wood.

Q: If you just need a door for a kitchen cupboard can that be supplied?

A: Yes if you require just a new kitchen cupboard door for your kitchen cupboard that can be supplied. The kitchen company will need to make a visit to view what kitchen cupboard door that you will need.

Q: Do kitchen cupboard companies also supply just the kitchen cupboard handles?

A: Yes they do supply just the kitchen cupboard handles that you may require.